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Bakhtiyarpur College of Engineering, Patna invites applications for the *student coordinator and student member* for the following club

1. Art and culture club
2. Social club
3. Photography club
4. Sports club

*Registration link:-*

1. One can submit an application for 2 clubs. The student coordinator will be selected for each 2018-22 and 2019-23 session.
2. There be one student coordinator from 2018-22 and one student coordinator from 2019-23 sessions for all 4 above-mentioned clubs.
3. Student membership is open to all batches.
4. Student coordinator is open to only 2018-22 and 2019-23 batch
5. Ensure your email address is correct. All further communication will be done by email

*Last date to fill the form*
24/08/2021, 2 PM

For any query, feel free to write at [email protected]