Administration List

Name Duty Assigned Designation Email Phone
Prof. (Dr.) Ram Naresh Rai Principal Professor (ME) [email protected] 8974443620
Dean Academic
Dr. Shyam Lal Dean Academic Associate Professor (ME) [email protected] 9899779841
Mr. Suket Kumar Registrar Assistant Professor (Civil) [email protected] 7879795686
Dr. Vatsala Sharma Joint Registrar Assistant Professor (ECE) [email protected] 8233603502
Miss. Shruti Verma Assistant Registrar Assistant Professor (ECE) [email protected] 6203988891
Examination Section
Mr. Gautam Kumar Examination Controller Assistant Professor (ME) [email protected] 8449629081
Dr. Shailesh Kumar Joint Examination Controller Assistant Professor (Civil) [email protected] 7906209274
Mr. Bablu Kumar Assistant Examination Controller Assistant Professor (EE) [email protected] 9872343463
Head of the Department (HOD)
Mr. Amit Kumar HOD, Electronics & Communication Engineering Assistant Professor (ECE) [email protected] 7501673206
Mr. Deepak Singh HOD, Electrical Engineering Assistant Professor (EE) [email protected] 9599334717
Dr. Jivesh Ujjwal HOD, Civil Engineering Assistant Professor (Civil) [email protected] 9386577654
Dr. Gaurav HOD, Mechanical Engineering Assistant Professor (ME) [email protected] 7982912807
Dr. Chandra Shekhar HOD, Computer Science & Engineering Assistant Professor (CSE) [email protected] 8686904636
Dr. Raj Shekhar Prasad HOD, Applied Science& Humanities Assistant Professoe(Math) [email protected] 8709189064
Training and placement
Mr. Gaurav Parmar Training and placement officer Assistant Professor (ME) [email protected] 8709554686
Mrs. Neetu Kumari Assistant Training and placement officer Assistant Professor (ECE) [email protected] 9340886248
Warden and Hostel Superintendent
Dr. Shyam Lal Chief Warden Associate Professor (ME) [email protected] 9899779841
Dr. Chandra Shekhar Joint Warden Assistant Professor (CSE) [email protected] 8686904636
Mr. Santosh Kumar Hostel Superintendent of Boys Hostel 2 Assistant Professor (ME) [email protected] 7838452886
Mr. Utkarsh Raj Assistant Hostel Superintendent of Boys Hostel-1 Assistant Professor (EE) [email protected] 7992407629
Library in-charge
Dr. Sonu Pratap Chaudhary Library in-charge Assistant Professor (Chemistry) [email protected] 9961795693
Mr. Gautam Kumar Library Joint In-Charge Assistant Professor (ME) [email protected] 8449629081
Others Administrative Responsibilities
Miss. Shruti Verma NPTEL coordinator Assistant Professor (ECE) [email protected] 6203988891
Mrs. Akriti Media coordinator Assistant Professor (EE) [email protected] 9304519935
Mr. Bablu Kumar Media co-coordinator Assistant Professor (EE) [email protected] 9872343463
Mrs. Priyanka Shakya AICTE Parakh Assistant Professor (ECE) [email protected] 9560514886
Mr. Utkarsh Raj NBA and NIRF coordinator Assistant Professor (EE) [email protected] 7992407629
Dr. Raj Shekhar Prasad NBA Co-coordinator Assistant Professoe(Math) [email protected] 8709189064
Mr. Chandrabhanu Kumar Electrical maintenance Officer Assistant Professor (EE) [email protected] 9110918152
Mr. Santosh Kumar Campus Incharge Assistant Professor (ME) [email protected] 7838452886
Dr. Gaurav Start-up cell nodal officer Assistant Professor (ME) [email protected] 7982912807
Mr. Gautam Kumar Workshop Superintendent Assistant Professor (ME) [email protected] 8449629081
Mrs. Sushmeeta Rani Lal Admission Incharge Assistant Professor (Civil) [email protected] 8210062929
Dr. Ramdayal Singh Kushwaha Pahal Nodal Officer Assistant Professoe(Math) [email protected] 8076562709
Dr. Atul Srivastava Joint-Pahal Nodal Officer Assistant Professoe(Math) [email protected] 9807358965
Miss. Kumari Nidhi Assistant Pahal Nodal Officer Assistant Professoe(Chemistry) [email protected] 9310422945
Miss. Neelu Apprentice Nodal officer Assistant Professor (ECE) [email protected] 7903149089
Mr. Mohd Ahamad Purchase Officer Assistant Professor (ME) [email protected] 9958470800
Mr. Rahul Kumar I- Stem Nodal Officer Assistant Professor (EE) [email protected] 7004343467
Mr. Amit Kumar CISCO Coordinator Assistant Professor (ECE) [email protected] 7501673206
Dr. Rina Kumari CISCO co-coordinator Assistant Professor (CSE) [email protected] 9472850982
Dr. Raj Shekhar Prasad Public Information Officer Assistant Professoe(Math) [email protected] 8709189064
Mr. Gautam Kumar Sports and Events Coordinator Assistant Professor (ME) [email protected] 8449629081
Dr. Atul Srivastava NPS/PMS Co-coordinator Assistant Professoe(Math) [email protected] 9807358965
Mr. Utkarsh Raj AICTE Co-coordinator Assistant Professor (EE) [email protected] 7992407629
Dr. Ramdayal Singh Kushwaha 1st Year Coordinator Assistant Professoe(Math) [email protected] 8076562709
Mr. Suket Kumar Store officer Assistant Professor (Civil) [email protected] 7879795686
Mr. Rahul Kumar Assistant Store officer Assistant Professor (EE) [email protected] 7004343467
Mr.Vijay kumar Time table in-charge assistant professor (ME) [email protected] 9304405557
Miss Annapurna Verma Student credit card Incharge Assistant professor (Geology) [email protected] 8887676169
Miss Annapurna Verma Spoken tutorial Incharge Assistant professor (Geology) [email protected] 8887676169
Mr. Ritesh Kumar Biometric Incharge Assistant Professor (ME) [email protected] 9406533793
Dr. Rina Kumari Assistant Biometric Incharge Assistant Professor (CSE) [email protected] 9472850982